Instruction video of basic functions

Features for the Race Sailing App includes:



  • Event name
  • Configurable classes
  • Configurable divisions
  • Competitor name and sail number/identification
  • Import competitor data from csv-file
  • Configurable deduction, 0 – 7 deductions
  • Possibility of moving competitors from one class to another during the regatta



  • Swipe left to register a competitor finishing place
  • Swipe right to un-register a competitor finishing place
  • Class with no finished competitors is considered not started
  • Non-registered competitors get DNF score



  • Using The Low Point System
  • Calculated upon request, after each race or change
  • Adjust results following eye witness accounts or protests
  • Results by race
  • Results by class
  • Results by division
  • Tie scores handled by rule A8.1 secondarily ruleĀ A8.2



  • Send results via sms/mms or email to others, eg. to on-land office
  • Upload and share results using this web site
  • Upload and share results to a ftp site
  • Export results to csv file



  • RDG score code with manual entry of score (in beta test)
  • Other scoring codes (in beta test)
  • Ability to hold competitors not competing in current regatta (work in progress)
  • Device dependent competitor swipe lines